Since 1992, Mitch Romero's Appliance & Air Conditioning Service has been proudly servicing the Acadiana Area and Acadiana residents are pleased with the service and professionalism each time.

Dear T D,

On behalf of the Student body here at Indian Bayou Elementary, we would like to thank Jeremy for his outstanding presentation. We extend our appreciation to Mitch for allowing Jeremy to participate in our program. Thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to our school and also to the 6th grade students from Meaux Elementary. We learned the importance of your job and how you use your vehicle in your profession. The staff said it was our best Career Day so far. Thanks again for making our Career Day a success.

Gay Herpin

Mr. Romero,

This summer I had problems with my washing machine. Due to us purchasing the extended warranty we had the pleasure of working with your technician Mr. Don Riggs. He was always professional when he came into our home. What a valued employee. Your personnel answering the phone was always kind and very helpful also "Thank you".

Although my husband and I have decided never to purchase an extended warranty again. It was in no means helpful nor kind in trying to get parts in a timely fashion. It's pretty ridiculous in today's world that you have to wait so long for parts. They tried to blame it on your company and your service. But I told the representative I wasn't buying it because I'd had wonderful service from your end.

Ms. Courville

Hello Donna,

I really appreciate you going the extra mile when I called for service on March 11, 2011. You were patient, kind and competent. And thanks for that very positive attitude. Attitude! is everything. When someone has an appliance go out - it is usually an inconvenience and a slight CRISIS.

Thank you treating my "inconvenience" like your own.

This is customer service at its BEST.

Ms. Steely

Mitch Romero,

I just wanted to let you know what a friendly and competent staff that you have surrounding you. Donna has such a sensitive and positive attitude to a customer calling in w/ an appliance "CRISIS". And Mr. Arthur was kind, competent and not obtrusive in my home.

Keep up the good work! You cannot fail w/ a support staff like this.

Remember to celebrate your workers and yourselves.

Ms. Steelz